Repair Warranty

Warranty Information

Computer Cave offers a generous warranty for all repairs:

iPhone Repair

Android Repair

Smartphone Repair

PC Repair

MacBook Repair

Data Backups/Recovery Services


All repair services are warrantied for 1 year unless otherwise stated. This warranty applies only to the repair of the original issue(s). If the device has any signs of new accidental damage, including physical damage or liquid damage any warranty coverage is void. We use several methods to document the exact condition of your device when it arrives and leaves our shop, if any warranty badges are missing/damaged the status of the warranty is up to the discretion of Computer Cave. If a warrantied device is worked on or possibly further damaged by another entity other than Computer Cave the warranty is void. Complimentary repairs are not covered under any type of warranty, only paid repairs are warrantied. Water damaged phones and tablets that are repaired do not have any warranty as the devices are liable to progressively fail at any time.

Effective on all repairs received on or after 08/25/2021.

iPhone Repair

Returns / Refunds

If there is a problem with a device that was repaired by us, the device will need to be sent back in to be evaluated and repaired by us. Please contact us for a prepaid return shipping label to send the device back to us. If there is no problem with the device or the issue is not covered under warranty the cost for the prepaid shipping label will be added to any further repair or shipping costs. In the event that a device is found to be unrepairable we will issue a refund for the repair amount. Shipping costs are non-refundable.