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Data Backup and Recovery


Richmond Virginia Data Recovery Center

We get back mission critical data after hardware and software failures.

If you have lost access to important files due to a hardware failure, software issues or for any other reason, Secure Data Recovery Services can help. We have excellent success with raid data recovery in Richmond including RAID 5 data recovery resources.

Our experienced engineering team and state-of-the-art data recovery laboratory provides excellent results for hard drive repair services to satisfied clients throughout the area. You can drop off your case today for a risk-free media evaluation. To get started, contact our customer service team.

We have a specialized set of data repair tools that allow us to maintain our exceptional success rate.

We also take appropriate steps to protect our clients’ confidentiality. Our Richmond team uses industry standard protocols to protect recovered data, and we fully comply with HIPAA, NIST, PCI-DSS, FERPA and various other privacy laws.

* Please see our Warranty Information page for complete details.

Data Backup & Recovery Services in Richmond

Have you ever experienced hardware or software failure that cost you hours of hard work and other important files? We know it isn’t the easiest problem to solve. That’s why we trained our technicians to provide solutions.

Our data backup and recovery services are available for cell phone and computer users! Lost access to your phone that contains personal information? Did your computer’s hard drive fail and you can’t get your important files back? Computer Cave’s got you covered.

Secure Data Recovery

Our data recovery services are 100% secure. Using advanced and trusted software such as RAID 5 to perform recoveries, which helped our data recovery success rate to stay high. Secure data recovery methods ensure that the data we’ll recover for you stays private.

Secure data recoveries also mean data will remain intact. That’s why we make sure to only use highly regarded data recovery software in the tech industry.

Privacy Law Compliant

Our approach to data recovery puts your privacy and safety as the #1 priority. Our Richmond team uses industry-standard protocols to protect what’s yours. All our recovery methods are fully compliant with HIPAA, NIST, PCI-DSS, FERPA, and other privacy laws.

Our full compliance with data privacy laws helps keep our customers safe from malicious attacks on their personal data and information. With Computer Cave, your data is safe.

Experienced Team

With hundreds of data recovery services performed, our engineering team is full of experienced individuals with adequate knowledge and professional training inside state-of-the-art data recovery laboratories.

Their experience provides excellent results for our external and computer hard drive repair services, earning us satisfied clients throughout Richmond and surrounding areas.

Our engineers are professional and approachable. Ask them any questions you have about data backup and recovery, and you’ll surely get the answers you need!

Get Started Today

Need to get your data back or want to start protecting it? Make sure to reach out to our customer service team or click here to get a free quote for the data recovery or hard drive repair you’re looking for.

We offer expert data recovery services for the following issues:

  • Hardware Failure
  • Hard Disc Drive Failure
  • Physical Drive Damage
  • Liquid Damage
  • Important File Recovery


We also offer backup and recovery system installations to our customers who want to protect their data from hardware, software, and handling failure.

Other Services

Our data backup & recovery services aren’t limited to retrieving lost data from computer or other device failures. You can also call us for physical drive repairs and other hardware fixes!

Computer Cave Repair Shop: Your Electronic Devices Are Safe With Us 

What usually happens when a laptop or desktop computer doesn’t perform well? All tasks won’t be completed and deadlines can’t be met. If this thing happens, we know that it seriously affects our professional and personal lives. Any emergency can be unattended because of a simple MacBook tech problem, agree? 

So, here at Computer Cave, our highly skilled technicians can help you to resolve even the most complicated tech issues with your desktop computer. 

Why Us? 

Our answer is simple. We’re the best at what we do. Our certified technicians are properly trained and we do not escalate complex technical issues to another service center. Why? It’s because we do have complete equipment and resources to fully support our customers. At Computer Cave, our techs are experts in tech problem solving, dealing with either a MacBook or desktop computer. All our repairs are indeed reliable. 

Backup and Data Security 

Most customers are concerned about losing personal and business information especially when a laptop or desktop computer has been taken to a tech repair shop. At Computer Cave, our technicians know how to handle the device with care and they are trustworthy. Confidential data is all secured and backing up files is done in the right course of action.

Desktop and Laptop Repair Services 

As computer users, most of us know that a desktop computer is not easy to set up, and if it becomes faulty, it can also be hard to repair. The same thing goes with a MacBook which has small and sensitive components. A person in charge of service repair must have good tech skills to ensure full restoration of devices. Computer Cave technicians possess these skills. 

Tech Consultation At No Costs  

Many tech repair shops charge a fee even during consultation. At Computer Cave, we’ll let you know what to do, what to expect and how our techs will do it. We offer a free consultation because our job is simply to repair your laptops and desktop computers at reasonable prices. 

Expertise in Different Brands 

Our techs at At Computer Cave have service repair experience with popular brands like HP, Dell, and Apple. So, don’t think twice if you have one of these brands at home. Our staff knows the settings of these famous names in the industry today. We’ve already repaired laptops and desktop computers that fall into this category.  

Reliable Diagnostic Service 

Here at Computer Cave, our people provide diagnostic services to customers to determine the best repair service for them. It can also help our techs to find the root cause of every tech problem. Performing diagnostics somehow prevents any future damages so you won’t experience the same problems ever again.  

Need to Track Your Repair? 

Every customer has a ticket ID to check the status of service repair at Computer Cave. The good news is you can check that online.  

Need Our Service Repair Techs?  

What else can we say? They’re reliable and fast. Start calling them up at (804) 299-2476 and set an appointment. It’s simple and you’ll only spend less than 3 minutes! You can also visit us here

Got Questions?

Can’t find the information you need on this page? Call us at (804) 299-2476 to get in touch with our staff and we’ll be happy to answer your questions on backup, recovery, and storage hardware repair.

airs. Richmond Virginia’s most trusted technical team, Computer Cave is here to help.

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