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Welcome to (“Website”). Computer Cave (“We” or “Us”) provides the Website as well as the products for sale therein to you (“Customer”), subject to the following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”), including all supplemental terms and agreements that are posted on the Website and/or referenced and included below.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully! They contain very important information about your terms and conditions of sale, rights and obligations, as well as limitations and exclusions that may apply to you when visiting our Website and purchasing our products. If you visit or shop at the Website, you accept these conditions. If you do not agree to these terms, please discontinue your use of the Website. The Customer hereby agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions below.

Supplemental Terms and Agreements

Purchase Agreement (Important information regarding the terms governing the sales transaction between the Customer and Computer Cave)

Repair Limited Warranty 

Online Limited Warranty (for Devices purchased directly from for use within the U.S.)

Custom Build Limited Warranty (for Desktop Computers purchased directly from Computer Cave using the Computer Cave Custom Build Service for use within the U.S.)

Supplemental terms and conditions, agreements, or documents that may be posted on the Website from time to time are hereby expressly incorporated herein by reference. We reserve the right, in Computer Cave’s sole discretion, to make changes or modifications to these Terms & Conditions from time to time. We will alert you about any changes by updating the “Last updated” date of these Terms & Conditions, and you waive any right to receive specific notice of each such change. It is your responsibility to periodically review these Terms and Conditions to stay informed as each time you access the Website, you will be subject to, and will be deemed to have been made aware of and to have accepted, the then applicable Terms and Conditions. The headings used in these Terms and Conditions are included for convenience only and will not limit or otherwise affect the terms herein.

  1.  Disclaimer:
    1. Prices, specifications, and terms are subject to change without notice. Computer Cave shall not be held responsible for typographical errors or omissions relating to pricing, copy, photography, or application on the Website at any time. We will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information published on our Website and advertisements and we will make corrections as quickly as possible once errors are made known to us.
  2. General Conditions
    1. We reserve the right to refuse to provide products or services to anyone for any reason at any time. We may, in our sole discretion, limit or cancel quantities purchased per person, per household, or per order.
  3. Bench Fee:
    1. All service tickets will require a non-refundable Bench Fee payment upfront. Devices cannot be checked-in or service tickets created without the complete Bench Fee payment. Even in cases where a device is being checked-in for a potential warranty claim, the Bench Fee will be added to the service ticket at a price of $0. If the warranty is found to be void or the reason for the service ticket is not covered under warranty, the Bench Fee on the service ticket will be updated to reflect the specific device’s Bench Fee price. If a service ticket is not covered by any Computer Cave warranty and a Bench Fee wasn’t charged and collected during the service ticket creation, the appropriate Bench Fee will be added to the service ticket. The complete Bench Fee amount must be settled before the device can be released from Computer Cave.
    2. Bench Fee Pricing:
  1. The Bench Fee will be converted from a priced fee to a $0 line item in the event that any repair services are approved and completed on the device for which the Bench Fee was charged. This will apply the entire Bench Fee payment towards the outstanding balance for the approved and completed repair services on that specific device. If no repairs or services are performed on the device for which the Bench Fee was charged, the Bench Fee will not be refunded or saved as a credit in any form, as it covers the cost of the performed diagnostics on the device.

* A Frankenstein Desktop is an OEM Desktop that has been heavily modified, usually this modification is completed by the end-user or a third-party company.

  1. Computer Cave Custom Build Service:
  2. Design Discussion & Custom Build Appointment Fee
  1. The Computer Cave Custom Build Service pertains specifically to the process where a Custom Build Design Discussion Appointment is completed, and a Custom Build designed during that appointment is subsequently constructed. In cases where a Design Discussion is concluded, an $80 Custom Build Appointment Fee will be charged and collected in full if the build designed during the appointment is not approved.
  2. The $80 Custom Build Appointment Fee will be maintained as an account credit for a period of 30 calendar days starting from the date of the Design Discussion appointment. Should the customer decide to approve the build designed during the appointment, with no alterations except those necessitated by Computer Cave due to changes in part availability, the complete $80 Custom Build Fee will be credited towards the cost of the designed build.
  3. It’s important to note that the pricing for the designed build is only guaranteed during the appointment itself, as both pricing and part availability are subject to change due to factors beyond our control. Should the customer grant approval for the designed build during the appointment, the Custom Build Appointment Fee will be appended to the service ticket as a $0 line item, and only a deposit equal to half of the entire build amount will be collected.
  4. However, if the designed build fails to obtain approval within the 30-day timeframe, the Custom Build Appointment Fee will account for the cost of the Design Discussion and will not be refunded or retained as a credit.
  1. Prior Soldering Repair Attempt Fee:
    1. In instances where a device has undergone previous soldering iron or hot air rework repair attempts, a $50 fee will be applicable, irrespective of whether the device is deemed repairable or not. This fee is established to account for the heightened complexity and extended time required to retrace the steps of the prior technician. It is important to acknowledge that repairs become more intricate when dealing with devices that have been previously worked on. Additionally, the probability of a successful repair or recovery diminishes when multiple repair shops have intervened.
    2. The Prior Soldering Repair Attempt Fee is separate from any Bench Fees, Disassembly Fees, and other relevant charges. It is intended to offset the additional challenges and time investment linked to rectifying previous repair endeavors. This fee acknowledges the specialized attention and effort needed to address devices with a history of soldering iron or hot air rework interventions.
    3. By outlining this fee, we aim to provide transparency regarding the intricacies of repairing devices that have undergone prior soldering repairs and to ensure fair compensation for the dedication required to address these cases effectively.
  2. Infestation Fee:
    1. In the event that your device is afflicted with insects such as cockroaches, an additional infestation fee will be applicable. The fee structure is as follows:
  1. Should a Dormant Infestation Fee have already been applied to the service ticket and the infestation is subsequently determined to be active, the cost of the Dormant Infestation Fee will be adjusted to $0. Simultaneously, the Active Infestation Fee will be incorporated at the full amount of $150.
  2. The primary purpose of this fee structure is to account for the expenses associated with a thorough cleaning process for devices affected by any form of infestation. Furthermore, the fee enables us to enlist the services of an exterminator, ensuring that our establishment remains safeguarded against infestations and that the well-being of our staff and our customers’ devices is maintained.
  3. If indications of an infestation are found in your console, you will receive prompt communication, allowing you to make an informed decision regarding the repair. Should you choose to cancel the repair in such a scenario, it is important to note that the infestation fee will still be applicable. This is due to our commitment to treating all infested consoles to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our team and other customers.
  1. Service Cancelation Policy:
    1. Once a service or repair estimate has been approved, it cannot be canceled for any reason, except in the event that additional issues are discovered during or after the approved work is completed, preventing the device from functioning as intended.
    2. In the event of a cancellation, the Bench Fee, as outlined in the Bench Fee Policy section of our Terms and Conditions, will not be refunded or saved as credit of any type.
    3. If parts have been ordered, installed, opened, or if the device has received labor hours to complete the approved services, the customer will be responsible for the costs incurred by Computer Cave that cannot be recovered. These costs include, but are not limited to, the complete part cost, shipping expenses, return shipping charges, restocking fees, labor hours, and shop supplies such as adhesives and solvents.
    4. It is vital to make informed decisions about service approval and potential cancellation in a timely manner to prevent incurring unnecessary costs and resources that cannot be reclaimed.
    5. The sole exception to this cancellation policy is if, during or after approved work is completed, additional issues are found that prevent the device from functioning as intended. In such cases, cancellations may be considered based solely on a reassessment of the service requirements at the discretion of Computer Cave.
  2. Estimated Timelines:
    1. Diagnostic Time / Turnaround Time
      1. This section pertains to the estimated timelines conveyed through various means, including verbal communication, thermal receipts for check-ins, or electronic communications such as emails and SMS. These timelines encompass a range of timeframes influenced by both the existing volume of devices within our repair queue and the current and anticipated workforce capacity dedicated to completing tasks within the queue.
      2. These timelines are intended to provide a general understanding of the anticipated duration, in business days, required for the comprehensive completion of the diagnostic and troubleshooting process.
      3. It’s important to note that while these timelines offer guidance, they do not constitute a guaranteed commitment. They are susceptible to alterations without prior notification from Computer Cave.
      4. The projected timelines are contingent upon the number of devices currently in the repair queue and the available workforce resources. Changes in these factors can result in adjustments to the estimated completion timeframe.
      5. While we aim for accuracy in our estimations, the dynamic nature of repair processes may necessitate occasional adjustments to the projected timelines. Please be aware that changes to these timelines might occur without proactive notification.
      6. We appreciate your understanding of the dynamic nature of our services. Should you have any inquiries about the estimated timelines or require updates, our team is available to offer the most up-to-date information.
    2. Part Arrival / Shipping Time
      1. This section pertains to the timelines that we convey through various communication methods, including verbal exchanges, thermal receipts issued during check-ins, and digital correspondences such as emails and SMS. These timelines originate directly from our suppliers or shipping carriers and are subject to potential modifications due to factors that extend beyond our control.
      2. The timelines provided to our clients are derived from information furnished to us by our suppliers and shipping carriers. However, it’s important to acknowledge that these timelines are subject to change due to variables that are not within our immediate control.
      3. Influencing Factors
        • Shipping times are notably influenced by:
          • Service Days of Specific Carriers: The operational days of the specific shipping carrier play a significant role in determining the transit time.
          • Fulfillment Times by Suppliers: The timeframe required by suppliers to fulfill an order affects the initiation of the shipping process.
          • Delivery Days and Schedules for Computer Cave: Our ability to receive the shipment is influenced by our own delivery days and operational schedules.
      4. While we strive for accurate communication of estimated timelines, it is crucial to recognize that shifts can occur due to circumstances beyond our sphere of influence. These factors encompass the service days of carriers, supplier fulfillment timelines, and our own logistical parameters.
      5. We are committed to providing you with the clearest understanding possible regarding expected timelines. In the event of any modifications, we will strive to convey updated information promptly to minimize any potential inconvenience.
    3. Repair Completion Time
      1. This section addresses the estimated timelines provided through various means, including verbal communication, thermal receipts for check-ins, and electronic communication such as emails and SMS. These timelines are derived from the current workload at our workbenches and the existing and projected workforce capacity for devices currently in our care.
      2. These timelines aim to offer an approximate understanding of the anticipated duration, in business days, required for the full completion of the repair process, including post-repair quality control and testing.
      3. The timeline range is influenced by factors such as the quantity of devices currently on our workbenches and the available workforce capacity to manage the devices in progress.
      4. The primary intention of these estimated timelines is to provide clients with a sense of the expected timeframe for the entirety of the repair process, encompassing post-repair quality control and testing procedures.
      5. It’s vital to emphasize that these timelines serve as informative projections and not as guarantees. They are subject to potential modifications without prior unprompted notification from Computer Cave.
      6. The nature of repair work necessitates flexibility in accommodating unforeseen circumstances. Changes in the number of devices being processed and workforce availability may result in adjustments to the projected timelines.
      7. While we endeavor to provide accurate estimates, changes in timelines may occur. Please be aware that these changes might take place without proactive notification.
      8. Our commitment is to maintain transparency and clarity regarding expected timelines. Should modifications occur, we aim to communicate updated information in a timely manner to minimize any potential inconvenience.
  3. Repair Status
    1. Computer Cave will do everything possible to keep you informed of your repair via any combination of phone call, email, online status updates, and/or SMS notifications as it progresses through the various stages. You may view your repair status by using the ID number of your service ticket and the Last Name that was used for the customer profile that was used to create the service ticket.
  4. Product Information and Performance
    1. Although measures are taken to ensure the information on our Website and advertisements is as timely and accurate as possible, Computer Cave assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of such information or its relevance to a specific use or application. Actual performance of products may vary based upon many factors and may be less than stated. Differences in system hardware, software design or configuration, as well as system use patterns, may affect product performance. Actual products may differ slightly in appearance to images shown.
  5.  Loyalty Points
    1. The Computer Cave Loyalty Points system is our way of thanking our most loyal customers and fans. Points may be earned on select product and service purchases in-store at Computer Cave.
      1. A complete Computer Cave customer profile with valid mobile phone number and email address is required to participate.
      2. $250.00 USD spent earns $5.00 USD in Loyalty Points.
      3. Points can only be used in multiples of $5.00 USD.
      4. Your reward points do not expire and may be used anytime.
      5. You may not share your reward points with anyone else.
      6. Points may not be used with any coupons or discount codes.
  6. Deposits:
    1. Deposits made in advance for special order parts or products are considered non-refundable. In the circumstance that a special order part or product remains unclaimed, or the device intended for service has not been checked in by the 31st day following the receipt of the special order by Computer Cave, ownership of the part or product will transfer to Computer Cave, and any associated deposit will be retained accordingly. The customer will be notified by any combination of phone call, email, and/or SMS upon the receipt of the special order by Computer Cave. In the event that an extension is needed by the customer they will need to follow the guidelines outlined in the Extension Process for Device Pickup Policy.
  7.  Abandoned Devices:
    1. If a device remains uncollected within 30 days of receiving notice that it is ready for pickup, the device will be deemed abandoned and ownership will transfer to Computer Cave. Clients have until the close of business on the 30th day to retrieve the device. By the start of business on the 31st day, the device will be officially considered abandoned.
    2. Abandoned devices will undergo data destruction to maintain client data privacy. The physical hardware may be recycled, sold, or used for parts to recover losses resulting from unpaid services and incurred liability.
    3. Clients will receive notifications through a combination of phone calls, emails, and/or SMS messages. Clients will receive a preliminary warning, followed by a final warning before the device is declared abandoned and subsequently processed for recycling.
    4. For clients requiring an extension, the guidelines outlined in the Extension Process for Device Pickup Policy must be followed.
  8.  Customer’s Responsibility to Back-Up Data:
    1. Before mailing in or checking in your device for repair, we highly recommend backing up your device’s data whenever possible. It’s important to note that we are unable to provide a warranty and are not responsible for any data loss that may occur during the repair process.
  9. Extension Process for Device Pickup
    1. Introduction
      1. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise that prevent timely device pickup. To accommodate such situations, Computer Cave has developed an extension process for device pickup deadlines.
    2. Requesting an Extension
      1. Clients can verbally request an extension for device pickup either by calling us or making an in-person request at our physical location.
      2. The extension request must be made before the 30th day following the date on which the device is ready for pickup.
    3. Online Extension Request Form
      1. An online extension request form will be provided to clients. This form will be sent to the client to fill out.
      2. The completed form will be reviewed by Computer Cave management within 1-2 business days after submission.
    4. Decision Notification
      1. After the form review, a decision regarding the extension request will be made by Computer Cave management.
      2. The decision to grant or deny the extension will be communicated to the client via the email address submitted on the request form.
    5. Timing of Requests
      1. An extension request cannot be made or granted on or after the 30th day following the date on which the device is ready for pickup.
      2. It’s important to ensure that extension requests are submitted in a timely manner to allow for proper consideration and processing.
    6. Process Outcome
      1. If the extension request is granted, the new device pickup deadline will be communicated to the client in the email notification.
      2. If the extension request is denied, the client will be informed of the original device pickup deadline and any associated procedures.
    7. Additional Information
      1. It is important to provide accurate and up-to-date contact information when submitting the extension request form to ensure timely communication.
    8. Modification of the Policy
      1. Computer Cave reserves the right to modify or update this extension process policy at any time. Changes will be effective upon posting to our website.
      2. We hope this extension process provides flexibility while maintaining our commitment to efficient service. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.
  10.  Replacement Devices
    1. Subject to this Agreement regarding your responsibility to back up your data, We will be responsible to the extent provided under applicable law for the physical safekeeping of your device while in our possession for service. In the unlikely event that dour device is lost, stolen or damaged while it is in our possession for service, we will repair your device or replace it with a device of like kind and quality, as determined by us in our sole discretion, which, at our sole option, may be new or refurbished.

Last Updated 08/21/2023.

Purchase Agreement

By checking the agreement box and clicking the submit button below, you (“Customer”) agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions, all supplemental terms and conditions, applicable warranty statements, and Return Policy for the product you are purchasing. You and Computer Cave agree that the following terms and conditions are the exclusive terms governing the sales transaction between Customer and Computer Cave. Any attempt to alter, supplement, modify or amend these terms and conditions by the Customer will be considered a material alteration of this agreement and, therefore, are null and void. In addition, these terms and conditions are subject to change at any time, without prior written notice; we will alert you about any changes by updating the “Last updated” date of this agreement. Therefore, please read these terms and conditions, along with our full warranty statement and other policies available for viewing on this site carefully each time you place an order with or accept delivery of any goods from Computer Cave.


Prices, specifications, and terms are subject to change without notice. Errors on are unintentional and Computer Cave shall not be held responsible for typographical errors or omissions relating to pricing, copy, photography or application. We will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information published on our website and advertisements and we will make corrections as quickly as possible once errors are made known to us.

General Terms & Conditions

Warranties on purchases made with Computer Cave
Warranty Service

Computer Cave warrants this product and its parts to the original purchaser against defects in materials or workmanship for the period specified in the applicable warranty included with the purchase from the original date of invoice. During this period, Computer Cave will repair or replace defective parts with new or reconditioned parts, at Computer Cave’s option, without charge for parts (additional charges may apply). All original parts replaced by Computer Cave become the property of Computer Cave. You are responsible for the payment, at current rates, for any service or repair outside the scope of this limited warranty.

Computer Cave is a distributor only. Products sold by Computer Cave are not manufactured by Computer Cave. The products may, however, be covered by each manufacturer’s warranty, service, and support policy (if any) even beyond the length of Computer Cave’s warranty. Computer Cave assigns and passes through to the Customer any warranty of the manufacturer, and Customer acknowledges that it shall have recourse only under such warranties and only as against the manufacturer of the products.

Disclaimer Of Warranties

Computer Cave makes no other warranty, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or conformity to any representation or description, with respect to this computer other than as set forth below. Computer Cave makes no warranty or representation, either expressed or implied, with respect to any other manufacturer’s product or documentation, its quality, performance, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or conformity to any representation or description.

Product Information and Performance

Although measures are taken to ensure the information on our Website and advertisements is as timely and accurate as possible, Computer Cave assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of such information or its relevance to a specific use or application. Actual performance of products may vary based upon many factors and may be less than stated. Differences in system hardware, software design or configuration, as well as system use patterns, may affect product performance. Actual products may differ slightly in appearance to images shown.

Limitation of Liability

In all circumstances, Computer Cave’s maximum liability is limited to the purchase price of the products sold. Computer Cave shall not, under any circumstances, be liable upon a claim or action in contract, tort, indemnity or contribution, or other claims relating to the products it sells which exceeds this liability limit. Computer Cave shall not be liable for third party claims for damages against the customer, or for malfunction, delays, interruption of service, loss of business, loss or damage to exemplary damages, whether or not Computer Cave is apprised of the possibility of such claims or damages.

Shipping Dispute: Title and Risk of Loss

Computer Cave will arrange for shipment of ordered product(s) to the Customer, Free On Board (F.O.B.) shipping point, meaning title to the product(s) – except software – and risk of loss passes to the Customer upon delivery to the carrier. Computer Cave reserves a purchase money security interest in the product(s) until its receipt of the full amount is due. The Customer agrees to allow Computer Cave to sign appropriate documents on the Customer’s behalf to permit Computer Cave to protect its purchase money security interest. Title to software will remain with the licensor(s). All software is provided subject to the license agreement of the software maker. The Customer agrees to be bound by any software license agreement once the seal on the package is broken or once the software is registered. Computer Cave will advise the Customer of estimated shipping dates, but Computer Cave will, under no circumstances, be responsible for delays in delivery and associated damages, due to events beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation, acts of God or public enemy, acts of federal, state, or local government, fire, floods, civil disobedience, strikes, lockouts, and freight embargoes.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Any dispute arising out of or related to these Terms & Conditions or the sales transaction between Computer Cave and Customer shall be governed by the laws of the State of Virginia, without regard to its conflicts of law rules. Specifically, the validity, interpretation, and performance of this agreement shall not be governed by the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods. Computer Cave and Customer consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and the venue of the State Courts of the State of Virginia, Richmond City, to resolve any dispute between them related hereto, and the parities waive all rights to contest this exclusive jurisdiction and venue of such Courts. Finally, the Customer also agrees not to bring any legal action, based upon any legal theory including contract, tort, equity or otherwise, against Computer Cave that is more than one year after the date of the applicable invoice.

Entire Agreement

This Purchase Agreement, together with Computer Cave’s Terms & Conditions, warranty statements, invoice, and supplemental terms and conditions, respecting the products ordered by Customer, are the complete and exclusive agreement between Computer Cave and Customer, and they supersede all prior or contemporaneous proposals, oral or written, understandings, representations, conditions, warranties, and all other communications between Computer Cave and Customer relating to the subject products. This agreement may not be explained or supplemented by any prior course of dealings or trade by custom or usage.

Custom Build Limited Warranty

This warranty statement is applicable to new Custom Build desktop computer systems purchased directly from Computer Cave in-store and on and is offered to the original purchaser only.

Please see our Terms & Conditions and Purchase Agreement statements for important information about your purchase, conditions of sale, rights and obligations.

Limited Warranty on Computer Cave New Custom Build Desktop Computer Systems

1-Year Standard Limited Warranty (1-year labor and 1-year parts) 

The 1-Year Standard Limited Warranty, hereinafter may be referred to as “the Warranty”, or “Warranty”.

  1. Computer Cave warrants to the original purchaser that the covered hardware, excluding software, documentation and similar items, will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for the warranty period beginning from the date of delivery to Customer. During the applicable warranty period, Computer Cave will repair or replace, at its sole discretion, the defective hardware system, for covered defects, free of charge for labor and/or parts depending on your warranty period. Parts may not be identical but will be equivalent parts. If the hardware system is defective within the first 30 days from customer’s initial receipt of the system, customer may obtain service under the terms of the Warranty by informing Computer Cave of the customer’s intent to seek a repair under the Warranty, and shipping the system back to Computer Cave or bringing the system to the store where the system will then be repaired. The customer shall also insure the system by obtaining shipping or freight insurance coverage equal to the full purchase price of the system. Computer Cave will reimburse reasonable shipping costs, including shipping or freight insurance, if within the continental United States. Outside of the continental United States, the Customer will pay for shipping both ways no matter when an alleged defect arises.
  2. Inside the continental United States, Customer will pay for shipping back to Computer Cave for any components or products sent for service after the initial 30 day period, while the Computer Cave will pay for return shipping back to customer for up to one year after purchase. After the first year of ownership Customer is responsible for any shipping charges to/from the company.
  3. Products sent in for authorized service/exchange must be shipped in original packaging and accompanied by copies of purchase receipts. Replacement packaging can be requested from Computer Cave customer support for a nominal fee.
  4. Non-Computer Cave repairs, upgrades or installations on any covered computer system are not covered by, and void the Warranty instantly on any system so modified.
  5. Physical damage, abuse, neglect, and damage caused by shipping, or misapplication of the product, repair modification, exposure to extremes of temperature or humidity, power fluctuations, lightning or improper electrical power are not covered by the Warranty. (Your original shipment from Computer Cave to you is always covered. Any functional/material, non-cosmetic damages resulting from mishandling by the freight carrier or improper packaging by Computer Cave are not your responsibility.)
  6. Overclocking of any component beyond manufacturer specified rated limits performed by anyone other than a Computer Cave technician shall void any and all Warranty instantly.
  7. Changes to firmware, drivers, and other hardware-related software and/or code can destroy components. Computer Cave delivers all systems ready for use. Updates to firmware and drivers performed after the system has been delivered that cause part failure are not covered by the Warranty.
  8. Software defects are not covered by the Warranty, but may be covered by the warranty of the individual software publishers as set out in the materials accompanying it; opened software is never refundable.
  9. Any missing items must be reported within 48 hours of Customer receipt.
  10. There are no warranties, express or implied, which are not written herein.
  11. It is of utmost importance that Customer protects all data and software on any covered computer system at all times. Computer Cave is not responsible for loss of time, inconvenience, loss of data or software, inadvertent disclosure of data, loss of files, or any other direct, incidental, or consequential damage loss caused by a covered computer system failing to properly operate, or caused by any fault or negligence of the company. Even though Computer Cave may attempt to backup and transfer certain data, and attempts to avoid situations where Customer data or software is lost, such occurrences of data loss, for a variety of reasons, are common. Customer agrees that prior to delivering a computer for service, Customer has independently backed up all software and data on the computer, and is prepared for, and expects that all data may be lost on the computer during or following any repair procedure, and Customer specifically agrees and understands that this document is intended to limit the liability of the company for such data losses. Customer warrants that there is no illegal data or software content on any computer left for Warranty service.
  12. Warranty repairs or service do not extend the length of the Warranty and any computer left unclaimed for 30 days becomes the property of Computer Cave, pursuant to section 13 Abandoned Devices of the complete Computer Cave Terms & Conditions.
  13. Lighting elements such as LED bulbs, RGB light strips, lights inside and attached to case/radiator/system fans, and RGB/ARGB lighted cable extensions are not material to the system’s performance and are considered cosmetic in nature. These items are not covered under the warranty and can experience issues related to conflicting RGB software applications. Also, sometimes individual LEDs or bulbs may burn out or display colors incorrectly.
  14. Each of the following system components is limited to one (1) replacement under the warranty of the PC system: Video Card/GPU, motherboard, power supply, memory/RAM, SSD/storage drive. Once client has received a replacement component under the warranty, Computer Cave will not provide additional replacements. Client may or may not be eligible to RMA certain components to the Original Equipment Manufacturer.
  15. Computers purchased as mining rigs are not guaranteed to pay for themselves. Computer Cave is not responsible for bit mining markets or losses. Although warranty does not expressly forbid crypto mining, abuse of components due to mining shall void warranty.
  16. Computer Cave reserves the right to terminate the warranty completely at our sole discretion by notifying you of our intent to void your warranty if a member of Computer Cave management determines that a client has been abusive, vulgar, or extremely rude to any member of the Computer Cave staff, for example a technician attempting to provide support, administrative staff attempting to resolve a shipping or scheduling conflict, etc. Life is often complicated, frustrating, and can be messy at times. Being rude and abusive to others is not helpful and will not be tolerated.
  17. Computer Cave is under no obligation to provide support for non-hardware related issues. They are not warranty issues, strictly speaking. However, Computer Cave frequently endeavors, as an act of good will and in the spirit of providing exceptional client support, to assist clients to resolve issues and provide technical support for non-hardware related issues such as issues with an operating system, a game or game engine, or other applications/programs. This support is completely voluntary, provided at the sole discretion of Computer Cave, and may be terminated at any time. We are not programmers, game developers, game publishers, or software engineers here – those entities have their own support processes separate and apart from ours.
  18. Promotional items such as computer components, desktop PCs, game codes, merchandise, or other items that are prizes for giveaways or other Computer Cave sponsored advertising or promotional events are not warrantied. This warranty only applies to purchased products.
  19. The initial shipment from Computer Cave to the Customer is warrantied and insured against any physical or mechanical damages resulting from shipping. Damages which are strictly cosmetic in nature will be remedied or compensated at Computer Cave’s discretion. This policy explicitly excludes theft or loss of the shipment and is limited to damages incurred during shipping.

Obtaining Warranty Service

To obtain service under this warranty, email Computer Cave at the email address below in the Contact section and inform Computer Cave of your preferred contact phone number. The Computer Cave Team will assist you in diagnosing the problem over the phone. If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone, we will decide on the best course of action for complete customer satisfaction. If return is authorized, please return the product only as instructed. Do not return any products without prior authorization. Products returned without prior authorization will be held for 15 days pending instruction and return shipment payment and, thereafter, will be salvaged or disposed without any duty to account to Customer. Computer Cave will not be responsible for consequential damage to the boards or the system or any of its components caused by either internal or external equipment, shorted connections or components not installed by or purchased from Computer Cave. Computer Cave will also not be responsible for damages to any components or loss of any data for goods purchased from Computer Cave. The limited warranty also does not cover damages or defects that may have been caused by: Shipping damage (other than the original shipment), improper installation or maintenance, misuse, neglect or improper environment, repair, modification, adjustment, or installation of options or parts not by a Computer Cave employee, inadequate or excessive electrical power surges, or other power irregularities. 

Computer Cave will also not replace, repair, or refund on any purchase if the item serial numbers do not match, or if the product is not sold directly by Computer Cave. Computer Cave will replace defective parts with the same or comparable parts at no cost. Any other part replacement that is different from the original configuration must be purchased at an additional cost. Note: Do not include any accessories with your computer system for warranty repairs. If you do provide such materials, Computer Cave will not be held responsible for any missing accessories such as software, adapters, etc. In the event no defect is found that is covered by the warranty, Computer Cave will charge an $80 Bench Fee, advise the Customer and return the non- defective product when Customer pays the Bench Fee and pays for return shipping. If such fees are not paid within 30 days after notification, the product shall be salvaged or disposed without any duty to account to Customer.

Repair Limited Warranty

The entire scope of repair services the Computer Cave (hereinafter may be referred to as “Us”) offers are hereinafter referred to as “The Services”, or “Services”. The word “Device” means the eligible device, identified on the Service Ticket on which the Customer “You” authorize Us to perform the Services.

The repairs and parts used in the Services, will be warranted for a period of one (1) year from the date the Services are completed (the “Limited Warranty”), subject to the provisions and exclusions set forth herein.

  1. Limited Warranty Exclusions:
    1. This Limited Warranty does not apply to Services or repairs performed on Devices that have been exposed to moisture or liquids outside of the manufacturer’s intended use, regardless of whether the Services attempted to repair such damage or exposure. This Limited Warranty does not provide coverage for Devices which have been subjected to abuse, misuse, damage due to external causes or an Act of God, normal wear and tear which does not affect the original manufacturer’s intended use, battery leakage or damage resulting from battery leakage. Furthermore, this Limited Warranty does not cover defects resulting from any action by You, including but not limited to mishandling, physical damage, operation outside of design limits, improper repair by someone other than Us, or unauthorized modification. This Limited Warranty does not apply if Your Device shows evidence of tampering or shows evidence of being damaged as a result of excessive corrosion, electrical current, heat, moisture or vibration, or as a result of improper specification, misapplication or other operating conditions outside of Our control. This Limited Warranty does not apply to Devices with software modifications performed by someone other than Us following the completion of the Services, including without limitation updated software, use of unauthorized or unapproved software, viruses, malware, spyware, or attempts to modify any software that has been installed by Us. This Limited Warranty is non-transferable and does not apply to Devices on which the serial number has been altered, defaced or is missing.
  2. Ownership of Repaired or Replaced Parts and Devices:
    1. Unless otherwise required by law, all replaced Devices, parts, components, boards and equipment will become Our property, and You waive all rights you may have under state or other laws to the replaced Device or repaired or replaced parts.
  3. Limited Warranty Procedure:
    1. If Your repaired or replacement Device malfunctions within the one (1) year Limited Warranty term, it must be returned to the store for evaluation by Us, and You will be responsible for any applicable shipping costs. If, upon Our examination, We determine at Our sole discretion that the parts or repairs used to perform the Services were defective, it will be repaired at no charge.
    2. If the Device is found to not be covered under the Limited Warranty pursuant to the exclusions outlined in Section 1.a, there will be a Bench Fee charged that will be due upon collection of the Device. In the event that the Device was shipped in and the incoming shipping was paid for by Us then in addition to the Bench Fee the full cost of the incoming shipping will be due in addition to any return shipping charges.

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