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Whether you’re need a screen repair, or down to a more complicated micro solder – we’ve got you.

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After the “bendgate” fiasco with Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ models, users have every reason to consider when they’ll next need a professional smartphone repair. Apple phones, like the iPhone 6 through the iPhone SE 2, have proven overheating and battery drain issues. Galaxy smartphones aren’t spotless, either, as Samsung revealed in a monthly update that every model since 2014 contains a major security risk. The most common smartphone repair was a cracked screen, according to a 2018 study, mainly because of the low durability of most glass phone screens. Even these most basic repairs could pack a punch to your bank account, so knowing who to call when you need an iPhone screen repair will save you a lot of hassle.

With this in mind, your computer mouse may already be hovering over a list of smartphone repair companies. Before you hit up the nearest and flashiest-looking store, however, be sure your local computer repair shop checks out against Computer Cave’s authentication list.

Repair Price

You’ll want to find out what the shop will charge. Consider labor costs as well as how far you may have to dig into your wallet to cover parts replacements. Call some of the local smartphone  repair shops you’re checking out, and ask for an estimate on your repair. Be specific about the make and model of your iPhone or Android; some Apple parts and repairs can rack up quite the bill.  The price a phone repair shop quotes you may not include parts costs, so be wary.


iphone warranty

Any repair is only as good as the warranty the shop offers. A longer warranty certainly projects confidence in the shop’s service and expertise, while a shorter warranty period may imply poorer quality.

Repair Options

While most repair companies require that you drop off your smartphone and pick it up later, some businesses offer mobile repair services. As you narrow your list of expert cell phone repair shops, consider checking if each shop offers this option.

Area of Expertise

iphone repair expertise

Many smartphone repair shops specialize in this type of repair, but most device repair shops prefer to keep their service offerings general. Some shops may even offer repairs on iPods, tablets, and game consoles. Although the latter is a decent option, be on the lookout for shops with specific expertise and a long track record in the smartphone repair business.

Reviews and Customer Service

Finally, check into the reviews for an inside scoop on the workings and success of the smartphone repair shop. While some reviews may be skewed and fake – read each one with a grain of salt! – you may get a fairly accurate feel for how well the company services its customers. Regarding the area of expertise we mentioned earlier, be on the lookout specifically for positive smartphone repair reviews in the lineup. A “customer first” mentality – that’s what you’re after as you look for the best local smartphone repair shop for you.

While we hope you and your iPhone 11, Galaxy Note10, or other smartphone are thriving, Computer Cave is always here to offer you expert phone repairs! Check out our convenient location, and start your professional smartphone repair today!

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